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  • Short stories, novellas and serialized chapters, telling thousands of untold tales in the BattleTech universe from such authors as Loren Coleman, Randall Bills, Steven Mohan Jr, Jason Schmetzer, and more.
  • Previews of new BattleTech art from fan favorite artists.
  • New gameplay aids like scenarios or BattleCorps-exclusive PDFs like unit digest, stable reports, and ship profiles.
  • Exclusive message boards.
  • Additional content including reviews, news and interviews, providing glimpses into the latest BattleTech and A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG developments.

The BattleTech community is vital to the continued growth of BattleTech. As such, BattleCorps' features are designed with the subscriber in mind, and to to ensure the site remains and continues to evolve as a valuable part of the BattleTech community.

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