October 2011

Thank you for your interest in BattleCorps!

What is BattleCorps?

BattleCorps is Catalyst Game Lab’s subscription website for new fiction, gameplay aids and content previews for their licensed BattleTech™ game universe. For a monthly fee, subscribers get new canon fiction, game scenarios, custom exclusive PDF dossiers, and the opportunity to receive preview samples of new art, content and fiction from upcoming print BattleTech™ products.

What does it cost to subscribe?

There are three levels of subscription: 1-month, 3-month or 6-month

1 month = $9.95 ($9.95 per month)
3 month = $26.95 ($8.98 per month)
6 month = $44.95 ($7.49 per month)

What do I get for that subscription?

As a BattleCorps subscriber, you receive a number of benefits and services:

The primary service is the monthly fiction; an average month of BattleCorps fiction is between 2 and 5 new stories (depending on length) set during any period of the BattleTech™ history—from the ancient Star League era to the far-future Dark Age era. The majority of the fiction published runs concurrently with the current game year being explored in the print BattleTech™ products.

Subscribers also receive, each month, between 1 and 4 new gameplay scenarios, allowing them to plan and play the same BattleTech™ games as other subscribers.

BattleCorps also offers several exclusive PDF projects on a varied schedule, including Unit Digests, Ship Reports and Stable Reports. Each of these small products is a gameplay aid designed to offer subscribers story hooks, mission cues, or simple backstories for their BattleTech™ or A Time of War™ games. There is usually at least one of these projects each month, and sometimes more.

In addition to these new content items, subscription to BattleCorps also opens the entire backlist of published BattleTech™ short fiction—more than 5 years worth!—for individual purchase.

Subscribers also receive a percentage discount for items purchased through the companion BattleShop (see the SHOP link at the top of the page).

So I don’t get the entire published history when I subscribe?

No. In the same way that subscribing to a magazine doesn’t get you that publication’s entire backlist, you only receive as part of your subscription the content published during your subscription. As stated above, however, the entire backlist is available for individual purchase, over and above your subscription cost.


I forgot my password, what do I do?
Go to the forums page, which you can access by the community button. Click the "Log in to check messages" button at the top of the screen, and then press "I Forgot My Password" on the next screen. That will email a secure password to you. Then, to change it, go into your profile (control panel) and make the necessary modifications.

I'm having trouble with my account.
Common problems will be wrong username/passcodes and account expiration. If you are certain you have an up to date account and are typing in the username and passcode, your next step is to use the Contact Us page (at the very bottom of every page) to get a message to us. We will solve the problem as fast as possible.