BattleCorps is a subscription-based website developed by InMediaRes Productions, LLC, to actively support the BattleTech® universe with new art, fiction, and a dynamic community. Under license from The Topps Company, Inc, we deliver new material every week, keeping fans and readers entertained with the ongoing politics, battles, and technological development of the 31st Century.

BattleTech®, the science fiction military board game developed originally by FASA, has spawned an RPG, computer games, several toy lines, twenty years worth of sourcebooks, and over seventy novels!
In 2002 the celebrated novel line was ended in favor of the new MechWarrior: Dark Age® series. Interest and demand for new "classic" fiction remained at such a high level, however, that several authors, artists, and administrators banded together to launch BattleCorps as a way of filling this need. Since then, the project has gathered incredible interest from the fan base and support from the various BattleTech® licensees, and has grown in scope and delivery.

Fiction and other content areas are updated often, and the community is always active on the forums. BattleCorps delivers a wealth of reading, game aids, and in-universe entertainment every month! Although primarily designed as a pay-for-service website there are several areas with public access, including limited content display, to help encourage new members with an interest in the game, the universe, or simply some great military sci-fi reading to sign on and begin the BattleTech® experience.

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